Wooden Boxes

This page is used to showcase my custom made wooden boxes – bespoke boxes designed for customers individual needs.  These include Document Boxes, Cufflink Boxes, Jewellery Boxes handcrafted in Australia from the finest timber and traditional techniques – Built to last a lifetime!  All my bespoke boxes are designed to suit your needs then individually handcrafted to order.

Making boxes with handtools

There’s just something about a box.

Crafted from a beautiful piece of solid timber.

I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way…

People love boxes; the way they look, the warmth and feel of smooth wood, the smell, the beautiful depth of grain, even the sound they make as the lid closes is a pleasure to hear.  You can’t find quality like this in the shops anymore.  If you have a precious item you need to protect for a lifetime, or simply need a place to store your own jewellery, then why not have one made for you just the way you like?

The depth and natural colour of crafted solid timber cannot be matched.

I was very proud to be part of this historic event for such a famous book author – Dan Brown.

This box pictured here in the gallery was made for Random House Publishers for the launch of Dan Brown’s sequel to The Davinci Code.
Random House described it as ‘the best book launch ever’ and were very happy with the box custom made for them. It was featured on the Sunrise program with a live cross to the event in Melbourne Australia. An article was also published in the Herald Sun newspaper.

  • Box Features Tasmanian Blackwood, black satin lining, engraved brass plaque and fitted brass mortise lock


These are some examples of wooden boxes custom made to order,

please read the notes below on previous designs or have a look at the new range of red gum hardwood boxes made in Australia and ready to order now.

Most of the boxes shown are custom made one off pieces, made to order to customers requests, please enjoy the photo albums below

Tea Storage Box – This box below features a raised panel solid timber lid design with dividers for storing

favorite teas. SOLD – Custom made for a customer in the UK

Raised Panel Lid
This box above is an example of a solid timber raised panel lid.
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  • Tasmanian Blackwood
    Danish Oil & hand polished wax finish
    Quality screwed on rubber feet

Glass lid display boxes This custom made pen display box below features a glass lid to view the most precious pen collection mounted in a lift out tray with royal blue felt lining.

2 trays stacked
The pen display chest above features dovetailed joinery and two lift out trays – Felt lined to protect your most precious pens while still being able to show them off on your desk.

Other wooden boxes for sale – Available to order now.

Made in Victoria from Red Gum Burl and selected local species. Contact Andrew for dimensions, prices and availability


Don’t be fooled by veneered or stained timber – Many box makers use stained mdf or ply, in my opinion it has no depth of grain and is usually a cheap veneer, although some do it quite well and I do occasionally use veneer on some flat lid style boxes.

‘I personally prefer boxes made with traditional joinery methods, using solid timber and hand cut dovetailed corners.’


My favorite part of making boxes, tapping the dovetails home, a perfect fit, built to last

Tasmanian Blackwood Box (with $1 coin for size reference)

Felt Insert




Men’s Trinket Box with lift out tray for cuff links, watches and sunglasses. Solid Brass Lock

Andrew Wilkerson – box maker based in Victoria, posting worldwide.

Specialising in old time joinery techniques, Andrew takes time to ensure that you’re getting the finest crafted quality piece available in the world. If you need something special and can’t find anyone to make it to the old time quality standards we used to expect before the days of cheap mass production then look no further.

The quality of these boxes are designed to be enjoyed for a lifetime and past down through generations.
Some examples below have an estimated price range.

Please enjoy browsing the photo albums below
This Cuff Links Box is an example of Andrew’s custom made boxes

Royal blue felt lined dividers & lift out tray

Royal blue felt lined dividers & lift out tray

Cufflinks Box Tasmanian Blackwood Flat Lid with engraved brass plaque

Cufflinks Box Tasmanian Blackwood Flat Lid with engraved brass plaque

Solid Brass Plate Engraved

Cuff Links Storage Boxes

– This custom made wooden box pictured above was made using a flat lid design with a personalised brass name plate. SOLD

Beautiful Tasmanian Blackwood with mitre insert joinery & royal blue felt lining. The cufflinks tray lifts out to reveal a compartment for storing watches or jewelery.

Ideal gift idea for men – 

For the man who has everything and now needs a place to keep it all.

Price range for a custom made felt lined box with lift out tray $900-$1200 depending on details, timber selection and size. Fitted locks and brass plaques extra. Hardware available in Solid Brass or Silver/Nickel Plated.

Document Boxes

– This custom made wooden box was designed to hold the original film script for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. A similar box can be made to store any A4 sized documents. Holds a large number of sheets if needed. Modern sleek design for your most precious documents or historical movie scripts.

Royal Blue Satin Lining
More examples of Custom made boxes
individually crafted to your requirements

RAAF presentation box with wings set into the lid
Solid Tasmanian Blackwood raised panel lid design

Satin lined cradle to hold a polished brass inert canon round from an FA/18 Hornet fighter plane

Rosewood-Raised-Panel Lid, Tasmanian Blackwood Sides, Silver Quadrant Hinges, Dovetail Joinery, Royal Blue felt lining – SOLD

Australian materials throughout.
The boxes on this website are all examples of custom made work, they are priced acording to the amount of time needed to make them using the finest joinery, timber and finishing techniques. If you’re after a cheap bargain please look somewhere else.

Boxes can be made to order in various styles – Display boxes, anniversary gifts, certificate boxes, jewelery boxes anything you can imagine, let me know your ideas and I should be able to work something out for you.

PRICE RANGE – Custom Made Boxes
Hand made boxes with trays, divisions, felt lining etc, are crafted with many hours of skill patience and care, some designs above take weeks to finish properly and polish to a high standard. If you would like a box made from the finest materials using quality timber & joinery, designed to last a life time then please understand that they take time to make and are priced accordingly.

Please do not expect me to fit within a small budget, if you are after a cheaper box, perhaps a small one that does not require so much work. These ones below may be more suitable for those on a budget.

Small Wooden Boxes

There’s something about a small box crafted from a beautiful piece of solid timber. Here’s a picture of a tiny wooden broach box I made recently.
People love boxes, even the sound they make as they slam shut is a pleasure to hear. You can’t find quality like this in the shops anymore. If you have a precious item you need to protect for a lifetime, or simply need a place to store your own jewelery then why not have one made for you just the way you like?
The depth and natural colour of crafted solid timber cannot be matched.

This small box features a tinted 4 mm thick glass lid and mitre insert joinery, the felt lining on the inside of the lid is removable to allow the stone to be viewed through the glass top.

Tasmanian Blackwood laminated onto 4 mm MDF with a lift off lid design (no hinge or catch) Tinted wax finish.
A solid timber version would have been too expensive so this was made to fit the customer’s budget.

  • This one below is solid Tas Blackwood timber with hinges and a tiny magnetic catch. The lid has been laser engraved with part of the Tennessee flag

Total size 50mm square (external dimensions)
Custom made to order with laser engraved logo – This box was sent to the USA approximate price $150-200

Discuss your box making needs by using the contact page on this website or by sending an email to andrew@handcraftedtimber.com

Environmentally friendly wooden boxes
Designed & crafted in Officer Victoria 3809 – Exporting worldwide.
Proudly Australian made & owned using Australian materials & labor.
Handcrafted finished & polished by hand with natural oils & waxes (and a whole lot of elbow grease!)

Thanks for taking the time to look at my wooden boxes web page, feel free to view my many other items on the pages in the navigation on the Custom Made page and Gallery.

This website is currently being updated often, bookmark this page or follow me on Facebook to see more examples of fine woodwork and custom made pieces. There’s a lot more to come so stay tuned. Thanks. Andrew Wilkerson