Andrew's Custom Made Work Photo Album is shown below
Andrew can design & produce many things from a variety of materials, if you have the time to wait for it to be crafted, he is always looking for new challenges.

Pen Display Boxes, Collectors Chests, Rustic Timber Signs, Barometers, Spice Racks, Recycled Timber Furniture, Tea Chests, Blanket Boxes, Hope Chests, Jewelry Chests with drawers Trinket Storage Boxes & much more. Please enjoy the photo albums below

This page displays a sample of woodwork made to order. 
More woodwork can be viewed on the
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The personal link between the timber, the craftsman and the customer starts here....
Specialising in old time joinery techniques, he takes time to ensure that you're getting the finest crafted quality piece available in the world.
If you need something special and can't find anyone to make it to the old time quality standards we used to expect before the days of cheap mass production then look no further. 

The quality of fine woodwork design will be remembered and enjoyed for a lifetime

Contact Andrew anytime for a free quote. (He's usually busy in the workshop so email is the best way.)
Please enjoy browsing the photo albums below for ideas
Last update - July 2010
Some previous work examples - made to customer requests
These items are an example of the range of custom made requests 
for more details please scroll down to the section your interested in


Lettering & characters are carved deep into the timber
Choose from a huge variety of fonts - details below
wood sign, country signs, timber HOUSE signs, BAR signs all handmade & carved to suit your needs 

Rustic timber house sign examples -  Outdoor version 150 x 600mm
Timber used - Western Red Cedar
a variety of character fonts to chose from
The font chosen for these signs (from top) 
Script MT Bold, Pristina & Mono type corsiva
Andrew will send you examples of your sign before ordering


For photos price & options see the Wooden Sign Page

Bed Side Tables - Jarrah (Reclaimed Timber)
see album below
Andrew's Notes.
These bed side tables were crafted from an old Jarrah rail yard beam (possibly over 100 years old). Recycled timber has character, natural nail holes etc. I wanted to keep its original character and therefore felt it deserved to be made by hand without the use of machines to do the joinery. The aged timber is so hard that it requires very sharp hand tools to cut the dovetail joinery. I really feel for the guys who had to do it all by hand in the old days after experiencing how difficult it was for me to carve the dovetails by hand with a chisel and mallet.

Reclaimed Jarrah from generations past

An old Australian Bullock Team in action

These 2 Bedside Tables above were custom made from reclaimed Jarrah
I love the thought that the timber in these bedside tables has history behind it. What was once a beam holding up a tin shed for a steam train has now been given new life as an indoor furniture piece for generations to come.  Jarrah is a beautiful furniture timber that was used heavily for just about anything from factory beams to lining the roads and the docks in the UK.  Recycled Jarrah has so much character and beauty it would be a waste to let it rot away and be forgotten.  Please note that use of Jarrah is now limited due to the availability and higher prices in 2010.

Andrew's Special Features
Solid construction with Tasmanian Oak or Victorian Ash drawers.
Hand cut & chiseled dovetailed corners
Hand rubbed Danish Oil finish (3 coats) followed by Traditional Wax polish
Availability - Custom made to order (at least a few months wait)

Racks Holders & Display Chests
Spice Jar Racks, Aromatherapy Oils Holder, Coffee/Tea Caddy, Pen Display Cases
If you want to display your prize possessions or simply can't find a holder or rack good enough, then why not have one made for you in the timber of your choice?

The pen display chest above features dovetailed joinery and two lift out trays
Felt lined to protect your most precious pens while still being able to show them off on your desk.
 Jewellery Chests With Drawers
These Jewel Chests have been made to customers requests, I've made two versions so far, here are photos of the larger version which stands approx 600mm tall, each drawer depth is about 50mm.  The timber used is recycled Jarrah, sourced from an old rail yard beam in WA (same as bedside table) possibly over 150 years old, its been given a new life in this chest. Dovetailed solid timber construction. The fine crafted handles feature rare African timber and metal alloy inlay. Each handle is screwed in place (hidden) from inside the drawer and glued to ensure years of trouble free use.  The drawers glide freely on waxed Tasmanian Oak rails. Felt lined divisions and ring pillows available to order depending on your range of Jewelry.  Danish Oil finish, hand polished. If you are interested in ordering please e-mail me for a quote. Large versions like this are approx AU$2,400 and there is a growing waiting list.
 Small Wooden Boxes
There's something about a small box crafted from a beautiful piece of solid timber.
People love boxes, even the sound they make as they slam shut is a pleasure to hear.
You can't find quality like this in the shops anymore.  If you have a precious item you need to protect for a lifetime, or simply need a place to store your own jewelery then why not have one made for you just the way you like?
The depth and natural colour of crafted solid timber cannot be matched. No stains are used!

This box featured a tinted 4mm thick glass lid and mitre insert joinery, the felt lining on the inside of the lid is removable to allow the stone to be viewed through the glass top.
Don't be fooled by cheap stained timber - it has no depth and will age considerably

Brass Name Plates - Doctor's Plates, Memorial Plaques
Do you need a quality brass name plate mounted on a beautiful piece of solid timber?
The depth and natural colour of crafted solid timber cannot be matched.
Don't be fooled by cheap stained timber - it has no depth and will age considerably.

Brass plaques can be set into the sides of a solid timber box or recessed into the top, the photo above is a close up of an Ashes box, the box features two ashes containers with a plaque at both ends.

Plaques can be ordered along with your box, simply let me know what you want written and the style of font then I can work out a quote for you. 

  • Features solid brass slot head screws for an antique finish

Custom made woodwork designed especially for your needs...
Custom Made Woodwork is priced according to the extra time involved in designing & crafting a one off piece exactly to customers specifications.

AWC is a small one man workshop studio creating unique pieces for local Melbourne galleries & individuals who are looking for a special or unique gift item unavailable anywhere else in the world. Large orders for mass production work can be arranged in alternate woodwork workshops. 

'There's nothing quite like having something made exactly the way you want it from the finest Australian timber species. Handcrafted functional objects, designed with style 
& provide a lifetime of use, passed down through generations'

Small Wooden Cabinet for Baby Urn

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Q&A section
How do I order a custom made item?

Just e-mail anytime and I can work out a quote for anything you require 

Is there a Warranty period or Guarantee?
Yes, all my work is handmade by myself and depending on the item most things will last a lifetime if looked after and cared for in the proper manner.  Should there be a problem with manufacturing or construction method in the life of the product please do not hesitate to contact me.  As a craftsman I take pride in my work and will treat each case individually should a problem arise. 
So far i pride myself in never having a product returned or in need of repair to this date.

What Paymnet Options are available?
Most customers pay using a Direct bank transfer, this is done online by logging into your secure account and transfering the owed amount directly into the bank account number & bsb given to you in my e-mail.
PayPal - Log into PayPal and make payment to this way you can pay securily using your credit or VISA debit card.
Cash payments accepted if the item is arranged to be picked up from the workshop studio or simply contact me if you have a different payment method in mind

Postage World Wide
Postage is available for most items, in fact 95% of my work is ordered online then posted to your door.
Largest items may not be suitable for postage although Ive had no trouble posting letter boxes and signs so it depends on the size of the product you order. I always ensure it is packed well with recycled craft paper paper & plenty of bubble wrap.

Andrew's Notes - Timber Construction & Finish Methods
The beauty and grain texture of solid timber is far superior compared to common mass produced woodwork which is usually veneered MDF sprayed with stain to look like timber.

Unrecognized Guid format.Real Timber Construction

Solid timber will continue to move throughout its life as it expands & shrinks it 'breathes naturally' it is after all a piece of tree therefore it is important that time is taken in design to construct the joinery methods needed for super strength over many years of use.  The joinery methods are a sign of true craftsmanship as well as being visually pleasing by creating an interlocking pattern between the two timber species.  

All my work is finished by hand using a special 2 stage hand rubbed Danish Oil technique similar to French polish then a traditional Australian made wax blend.  This ensures you can still feel the timber as the oil is designed to soak into the timber to nourish and protect.  Most modern finishes are sprayed on these days which is a lot quicker for production work but produces a thin film of plastic on top of the timber so it looks shiny but is not a real traditional finish and will not wear as well over the years.  The danish oil finish I use makes the timber smooth and shiny through polishing by hand and penetrating into the timber not just building up a layer on top.  You can feel the difference, also has the advantage that the piece can be restored if damaged & more coats of Danish Oil can be added over the years to protect and enrich the timber fibers.

Built to last - Natural timber is naturally better - Sourced from renewable sites or recycled when available *(see environmental note at bottom of page)

Thanks for taking the time to read my notes!
Andrew Wilkerson